The Spicy Classy concept

Spicy Classy is an original concept, 5 years in the making! Our spaces can be privatized to accommodate your personal and professional events. Since the creation of Spicy Coffee, we have evolved our services to meet culinary of our clients and we are excited to welcome you to our new restaurant.

restaurant spicy classy

Discover the Spicy Classy atmosphere

A concept of culinary arts created by three friends and professionals: Cyrius, Tom and Jérémy.

Here is an excerpt from the Spicy Classy menu

Pulled Pork Burger

Artisanal burger bread with cereals, marinated pulled pork with spices, homemade whole-grain mustard burger sauce, salad, tomato and melted fourme d’Ambert.
Homemade French fries.

piece de boeuf spicy classy

Butcher's Piece

Garnishes of the moment or homemade French fries
and the sauce of your choice.

salade repas croustillante spicy classy

Crispy Meal Salad

Crispy breaded chicken breast fillets, bread croutons and shaving parmesan. Rawness.

Spicy Classy is defined according to our values of quality and French concept of “convivialité”*

Behind this concept is a true-life philosophy. ‘convivialité’, and a healthier food consumption. A common goal unites us: the passion for GREAT cuisine. Great for our taste buds and for our health.

Because we want our cuisine to be enjoyed by ALL, you will find at least 1 vegetarian dish every day on the menu as well as the list of allergens within each recipe. Our sharing culture is a challenge that we take up daily, for us and our clients.

Ensuring that our customers pass unforgettable moments with us ensures that we put fun, joy, and pleasure at the heart of everything we do. We combine health, diversity, and flavours in our recipes.

Because eco- consumption is at the heart of what we do and who we are, we continually make efforts to be consistent in the best environmental practices. In addition, our customers have access to the list of potential allergens present in each dish and dessert offered.

Presentation of allergens

One of the peculiarities of the Spicy Classy recipes is the attention paid to the use of allergens, fats, or additives. Find the allergens present in each dish according to these pictograms:

Spicy Classy customers talk about us...

Thank you to all those who shared their experiences in our café-restaurant.

  • I discovered this restaurant today. Very good value for money, impeccable service. Very good meal. I recommend
  • Very good welcome, the main room is nice and modern, and the patio is very nice and quiet. I enjoyed a particularly fine Burger and a good draft beer. At Top quality!
  • Great atmosphere and excellent burger. Really convenient terrace for children who can run, hide, play... we will come back
  • A unique place, a healthy and refined cuisine. Gluten free and natural with a smile, I like it!! Highly recommended.